At People & Partner (P&P) we are growing a team of people to deliver on our vision of being a quality Sydney CBD “Integrated Financial Advisory Business” (IFAB) – our team leaders and members are accountable to each other, working collaboratively and supportively, to bring to life this vision. Key to our success will be the attraction and retention of people who will live our values, take “ownership” of their career, and strive to be a positive and contributing team member.

Role: Advisory, Accounting & Tax – Senior Accountant (SA)

The key requirement of the SA role is to be a highly productive and functioning member of the team, managing work at volume and with technical knowledge and agility. They should have a high level of knowledge of business services and are able to complete work efficiently, recognise issues of concern and opportunities as they arise, and take steps to resolve or maximise those issues. Senior accountants develop a higher level of taxation knowledge beyond basic compliance and apply this knowledge to their work. The primary differences between an intermediate and senior are the level of independence, productivity, and knowledge. A senior should also be interacting with the firm as a business and be able to report variances to budget allocation or targets. The greater the recognition of the business of running a practice (actively monitoring WIP and write-offs, identifying problem areas and devising solutions, creating opportunities, working with others, etc.,) and a demonstrated ability to achieve results, the faster a senior will move to a manager’s role if the opportunity arises or is created. A senior is also expected to have a higher level of commercial knowledge. They should be aware of the client’s structure and profile and approach their work in a way that recognises this structure. Finally, the level of knowledge expected from a senior is higher. They should be technically proficient and be able to apply their knowledge to their work across a range of scenarios. Within this they should be able to provide support and guidance to graduates and intermediates in their team.

Performance indicators

S.noPerformance indicatorMeasurement of performance indicatorAssessment period
1ProductivityMeeting productivity targets of 70% chargeble time1 month
2Client RelationsHave 9 out of 10 clients provide positive feedback when asked if they would refer a friend.6 months
3Work FlowAccurately complete timesheets daily. Write offs average out at 10% over the year and on a monthly basis. This will be measured by the internal reports.1 month

Other roles and responsibilities

  • CA or CPA qualified,
  • Strong capability in completing income tax returns & financial statements for individuals, trusts, companies & partnerships (with an understanding of SMSF),
  • Demonstrate excellent CGT knowledge, including able to complete complex CGT calculations (e.g. small business CGT concessions),
  • Have a high-level understanding of tax regimes applicable to client scenarios such as Division 7A, alienation of personal services income, and non-commercial loss provisions,
  • Have a good understanding of various entity structures and the tax implications of each,
  • Have an excellent understanding of income tax and able to develop multiple scenarios for tax planning purposes,
  • Have an understanding of trust law,
  •  Able to complete and/or review activity statements, including having an excellent understanding of application of GST law,
  • Able to research and resolve issues associated with client work,
  • Be able to identify risk of varying forms (business, operational, etc.),
  • Demonstrate ability to undertake self-reviews,
  • Works efficiently – aiming for at least 80% productivity weekly,
  • Aiming to achieve write off levels at less than 6%.

Key inter-personal requirements & skills

  • Be able to undertake peer reviews of other works,
  • Demonstrate the ability to mentor & train junior staff,
  • Be a team player, working collaboratively in the team, taking on tasks and work to deliver on client expectations,
  • A self-starter, who is prepared to learn and seek guidance as required,
  • The ability to work independently, prioritising client and work demands, and setting clear expectations and time frames on deliverables,
  • Have a good understanding of Microsoft Office software and their applications,
  • Ability to communicate, verbally and in written form, positively with team members and clients,
  • An advocate for change and improvement in systems and processes, adopting & learning technology improvements,
  • Ability to be resilient

Previous experience

  • You will have a minimum of 2 years expereince in a simillar role
  • You will be seeking a role that allows you to progress your professional career, in a supported and empowered environment.
  • This role will provide you with the opportunity to continue your professional development, build career relationships and understanding of a client centric approach in an integrated financial advisory business.


  • Bachelor of Commerce/Business, have or be working towards your CA or CPA accreditation.

Interested in applying?

Send your resume and cover letter to recruitment@peopleandpartners.com.au